Board of Directors

Photo of John Luft

John Luft

Board President
Southland Electric

Photo of Richard Gabaldon

Richard Gabaldon

Board Vice President

Photo of Scott Hollingsworth

Scott Hollingsworth

Board Secretary
California Sheet Metal

Photo of Trent Brown

Trent Brown

Board Treasurer

Photo of Toby MacDonald

Toby MacDonald

Board Governor
Western Fire Protection

Photo of John Isham

John Isham

Board Director
Casper Company

Photo of Tim Fair

Tim Fair

Board Director
South Bay Welding

Photo of Sam Padilla

Sam Padilla

Board Director
Chula Vista Electric Co

Photo of Matt Becker

Matt Becker

Board Director
Cement Cutting

Terrie Lopez

Terrie Lopez

Board Director
Clark Steel Fabricators

Photo of Bill Bodenstadt

Bill Bodenstadt

Board Director
CMR Risk & Insurance Services

Photo of Kevin Cauley

Kevin Cauley

Board Legal Counsel
Schwartz Semerdjian Cauley & Evans LLP

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