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Thanks to California’s new Immigrant Worker Protection Act, AB 450, employers or their representatives no longer can give voluntary consent for a federal immigration enforcement agent to enter nonpublic work areas. Now, you are required to demand a judicial warrant before allowing such access. You are also required to provide your workers with notice of certain immigration enforcement actions, and new statutory penalties are being imposed for violations of this new law.

Thus you find yourself stuck between state and federal law when it comes to immigration issues. Although immigration is an issue of federal law, California has inserted itself — and you as an employer — squarely in the middle of this debate.

Do you feel unease about being required to demand a warrant from ICE in this manner? Do you wonder what ICE’s potential reaction and response will be? Regardless, you will have to train staff on how to tactfully react to these situations, or your company could face stiff penalties under the new law.

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